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A matter of growth, not political correctness

These words paraphrase Jesse Jackson, a leader of the American Civil Rights Movement. Diversity and inclusion are often seen to be about appearances and appeasing others, but they are actually an essential part of business success. The Inclusion@Work Index found workers in inclusive businesses are 3 times more likely to be highly effective and provide excellent client service than those in non-inclusive businesses.

Course curriculum

    1. Acknowledgement of Country

    2. Introduction

    3. Diversity and why it's important

    4. Benefits of diversity

    5. Diversity with Wilson Casado at Visagio Part 1

    1. Opportunities and challenges

    2. Fostering diversity

    3. Diversity with Wilson Casado at Visagio Part 2

    1. Support services

    2. Congratulations and review

    3. References

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